Graphs Package V3.0 21st November 2016

Please read the Readme.txt file for a full description of what is needed to get these graphs working here

There have been a number of additions to the user customisable variables in graphsconf.php. You may not need to change anything in graphsconf.php to get the graphs working, however if your clientraw files and JPGraph directory are not as defined you will need to adjust these.

These graphs have been tested with both PHP5 and JPGraph 4.0.1.

Be aware that JPGraph itself has some issues with PHP7 which have been reported so check their website for updates if you get any errors

Rainfall graphs

Yesterdays Rain      Todays Rain      Weeks Rain      Months Rain      Years Rain

Last 60 minute graphs

Windspeed last 60 minutes    Wind Direction last 60 minutes
Rainfall last 60 minutes    Temperature last 60 minutes

Last whole hour graphs

Windspeed last whole hour    Windgust last whole hour
Wind Direction last whole hour    Rainfall last whole hour
Humidity last whole hour    Temperature last whole hour
Barometer last whole hour    Temp/Dew Point/Humidity last whole hour

Last 24 hour graphs

Barometer last 24 hours    Temp/Humidity last 24 hours
Avg Windspeed last 24 hours    Avg Wind Direction last 24 hours
Rain last 24 hours    Temp/Dew Point/Humidity last 24 hours
   Humidity last 24 hours

Last 7 day graphs

Rain last 7 days
Temperature last 7 days    Barometer last 7 days
Humidity last 7 days    Avg Windspeed last 7 days
Avg Wind Direction last 7 days    Barometer last 7 days

Last 31 day graphs

Barometer last 31 days    Barometer last 31 days
Hi/Lo Temps last 31 days    Avg Windspeed last 31 days
Avg Wind Direction last 31 days    Rainfall last 31 days
Humidity last 31 days

Last 12 months graphs

Rainfall last 12 months