QSL Card


What is a QSL Card?
QSL is a telegrapher's shorthand for "I acknowledge receipt of your message of transmission". A QSL Card, like the one above, is a written confirmation or acknowledgement of a contact with another Amateur Radio Operator. The QSL Card is seen by many Amateur Radio Operators as the final handshake of a contact. The QSL Card also serves as a proof of a two way contact needed for certain awards.

The tradition of exchanging QSL Cards by Amateur Radio Operators has been a long tradition in ham radio and it is fun to receive cards from other hams from all over the world who you have contacted.

ARRL's Logbook of the World (LoTW) system is a repository of log records submitted by users from around the world. When both participants in a QSO submit matching QSO records to LoTW, the result is a QSL that can be used for ARRL award credit. This station participates in the Log Book of the World.

Log Book of the World